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Need help on simple image addon

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the images are not displayed on my site www.thecheaplaptops.co.uk


it was working fine for wew days after installing this simple image addon but noow it is not working. the images are not simply displayed on site. Previous images uploaded on other products on site worked but when I try to put new images for new products than it doesn't work.


I also get multiple image uploading fields as pictured below.


Please help and tell me what I should do to solve this.


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Look in the database. There is no image name being returned to the html code. This is the link to the image, according to your code:





Thank you for your quick reply

yes, I have now checked it and the image location is just to the whole image folder and not to specific image file

So do you know which file I need to edit in order to give it the specific image location within the image folder.


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I don't use the add on you are using some someone else may be better advising you, but, in the forum you show in your first post, you see the IMAGE DOES NOT EXIST? To the left is a box with a submit button. Click in the box and browse to a valid image file. When you select it, it should upload the image to the images folder, and put the link in the database.


Go back to the product and this form and see if the words IMAGE DOES NOT EXIST has now disappeared and the image is shown in the web site.


If not, you will have to look in the db to see if the link was even stored.

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Looks clear to me that u have made errors in the install, try checking it through again till u find your errors.


I believe there is a support forum for that, posting elsewhere is just silly, did u not think to look?

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