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Authorize vs Capture in authorizenet_cc_aim.php

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I am using authorizenet_cc_aim.php 1803 2008-01-11.



Everything seems to be working.

But the only transaction modes I see are 1. authorize and 2. capture.


I thought that authorize only authorized and capture was only for previously authorized transactions.

I don't see an option for authorize and capture.


If I want to authorize and capture which setting do I use. In reading the forums I get conflicting advice.



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I do not use Authorize.net, but with my CC company module "Authorize" is set to "false" so it capture funds immediately.


On the authorize.net website their definitions are similar to what you are thinking...



The response from a card issuing bank to a merchant's transaction authorization request indicating that payment information is valid and funds are available on the customer's credit card. Also called an Approval.


Capture Only

A credit card transaction request to capture funds that were previously authorized, but NOT via the payment gateway. For this type of transaction, the merchant will submit the authorization code that was previously received from the issuing bank through some other means than a payment gateway request, e.g., by telephone.


Personally, I would call authorize.net and ask them if you don't get a fast response on this forum.


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