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[Contribution] CKEditor [wyswyg]

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Can someone assist. Just installed ckeditor into my osc 2.3 shop and have the following questions. The installation went without problem on both my test site running on my local machine under XAMPP and also on my live shop. However i have a couple of differences between the two when running, on my test site the ckeditor opens with a full width window but on my live shop it opens with a narrow window what causes this. On both sites i do not see where you can turn on and off ckeditor in the admin. Also on both sites there is no server browse button for adding images, by making a change in one of the files in ckeditor (as per a comment on ckeditor site) i can make the extra tab for upload image appear but it does not seem to function correctly. Solutions to these problems would be helpful to get this working correctly

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we are using osc v2.2RC1. we need the proper ckeditor for all admin textarea. we are try this but it is not working well

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CKfinder is a comercial product and i am not sure if we can include it in oscommerce.


But it is availeble to install in demo mode, and i can outline the steps to get it working.


1. Upload ckfinder to the admin folder.


2. Add this line to ckeditor/config.js

CKFinder.SetupCKEditor( null, '../admin/ckfinder/' );


3. Add the path to the 2 variables (baseUrl and baseDir) in config.php in ckfinder directory.

$config['LicenseName'] = '';
$config['LicenseKey'] = '';
$baseUrl = 'http://xxx.yy.no/';
$baseDir = '/home/xxxx/public_html/';


Then the upload path will be to the images folder in your catalog directory.

The images folder name is set some other place in the file, but no need to change.


4. You may also add the _thumbs directory within the images folder.



This is for images only, for uploading flash files a seperate config has to be set. I havent looked into that yet as i am not using flash at my site.


I had some folder problems when testing, so you may need to read your server log to se that the path and folders are correct.




I uploaded the ckfinder to admin/ext/ckeditor/ckfinder, and then follow step3:


for the :LicenseKey" do I need to purchase or I can leave as blank?




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Hello, I use ckeditor and kfm, but I have a problem:

The product image disappears when I go to "preview":


And when I return to the page image missing:






Categories.php code:

			<td class="main" valign="top"><?php echo tep_image(DIR_WS_ADMIN . DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'scanner.gif'); ?> </td>
			<td class="main"><?php echo tep_draw_textarea_ckeditor('products_image', '700', '150', $pInfo->products_image); ?></td>



Html_output.php code:


/// function textarea avec ckeditor  
  function tep_draw_textarea_ckeditor($name, $wrap, $width, $height, $text = '', $parameters = '', $reinsert_value = true) {
    if ($width < 100) $width = 700;
    if ($height < 100) $height = 200;
    $field = '<textarea name="' . tep_output_string($name) . '" ';
    if (tep_not_null($parameters)) $field .= ' ' . $parameters;
    $field .= '>';
    if ( ($reinsert_value == true) && ( (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS[$name]) && is_string($HTTP_GET_VARS[$name])) || (isset($HTTP_POST_VARS[$name]) && is_string($HTTP_POST_VARS[$name])) ) ) {
      if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS[$name]) && is_string($HTTP_GET_VARS[$name])) {
        $field .= tep_output_string_protected(stripslashes($HTTP_GET_VARS[$name]));
      } elseif (isset($HTTP_POST_VARS[$name]) && is_string($HTTP_POST_VARS[$name])) {
        $field .= tep_output_string_protected(stripslashes($HTTP_POST_VARS[$name]));
    } elseif (tep_not_null($text)) {
      $field .= tep_output_string_protected($text);
    $field .= '</textarea>';
        $field .=     '<script type="text/javascript">
        CKEDITOR.replace( \''.tep_output_string($name).'\',
        resize_minWidth : 500 ,
        resize_maxWidth : 850 ,
        width : '.$width.',
        height : '.$height.',
        filebrowserBrowseUrl: "includes/kfm/index.php"
    return $field;


Someone have an idea ?


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It's ok : i use KFM, in configuration.php:

$kfm_userfiles_output = HTTP_SERVER.DIR_WS_CATALOG_IMAGES;

Replace by:

$kfm_userfiles_output = DIR_WS_CATALOG_IMAGES;



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I try to install this addon, but i cant get it to work perfect.


If i replace "tep_draw_textarea_field" with "tep_draw_textarea_ckeditor" nothing works. Like this under:

<td class="main"><?php echo tep_draw_textarea_ckeditor('products_description[' . $languages[$i]['id'] . ']', 'soft', '70', '15', (isset($products_description[$languages[$i]['id']]) ? stripslashes($products_description[$languages[$i]['id']]) : tep_get_products_description($pInfo->products_id, $languages[$i]['id']))); ?></td>


But if i do like this it works.

<?php echo tep_draw_textarea_field('products_description[' . $languages[$i]['id'] . ']', 'soft', '70', '10',
(isset($products_description[$languages[$i]['id']]) ? stripslashes($products_description[$languages[$i]['id']]) :
tep_get_products_description($pInfo->products_id, $languages[$i]['id'])),'id = products_description[' .
$languages[$i]['id'] . '] class="ckeditor"'); ?>


Anyone know why?


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thanks in advance... in the instructions for loading ckeditor, it reads


Open /catalog/admin/includes/functions/html_output.php do a search and find and change the tep_draw_textarea_field (around line 252) to read:


$field = '<textarea name="' . tep_output_string($name) . '" id="' . tep_output_string($name) . '" cols="' . tep_output_string($width) . '" rows="' . tep_output_string($height) . '"';


>>>>here is the code in oscommerce


function tep_draw_textarea_field($name, $wrap, $width, $height, $text = '', $parameters = '', $reinsert_value = true) {


$field = '<textarea name="' . tep_output_string($name) . '" cols="' . tep_output_string($width) . '" rows="' . tep_output_string($height) . '"';

if (tep_not_null($parameters)) $field .= ' ' . $parameters;

$field .= '>';



i've added the code to the template_top, but I don't see ckeditor anywhere when I login to admin?


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I have CKEditor installed and everything works. The problem I am having is when sending emails or newsletter. I am getting extra <br />'s before and after the <p> and </p> tages. so instead of a normal paragraph break I am getting 3 lines break.


I already edited the newsletters.php files and removed the nl2br from the lines <td><tt><?php echo $nInfo->content; ?></tt></td>


Still getting the extra lines


This is in osc 2.3.1

Edited by nobodyfamous

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Hi all i have installed ckeditor with the filemanager addon http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7112 so far so good, i have also installed http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8357/ (Dynamic Information Pages) ckededitor works wiht filemanager but the imagapath is not correct. It shows in url http://mijndomein:81/%22/233/images/upload/vinkje.png/%22 If i want to rework that page he shows in admin >22, I can not finf it where to look for that? someone a idea?? In ckeditor image is good with the path /233/images/upload/vinkje.png


thnx in advance..

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I have 2.3.1.


I can NOT figure out how to get this addon to work at all... One of the downloads has instructions... and then the "full" download doesn't give you any information whatsoever. How can I get this working with 2.3.1? Does anyone have any sort of instructions and know which one I need to download for it? Wasting so much time with this.

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