KissER Error Handling & Debugging   a KISS contribution ( Keep It Simple Stupid )   Compatibility: osCommerce ( MS2.2/RC ALL ) PHP5.2+/5.3+ ( PHP 4 NOT supported )   Installation: Simple 2-3 minutes   Potential code conflicts: Effectively none the one exception would be if the tep_db_query() function had been modified for Chemos old query debug.   What is it and what will it do for me?   Main Benefits:  
Would you like to be able to find and handle errors that your site is currently hiding/suppressing?
Would you like to have a file to check to see if your site has any errors while at the front end the users see nothing?
Ever been developing a site and would like to see errors without them breaking up the page?
Ever wanted to look for errors but don't want to "turn up" the error reporting because users would see them?
Ever wanted to show a new client just how many errors their current osCommerce site has but they can't see?
Would you like to stop errors from printing out full paths in view of the hacking world?
Would you like to easily be able to debug: queries, variables, arrays, objects or site slowdowns?
  Gracefull Error Handling: Disclaimer: Some PHP errors like parse errors and fatal errors can NOT be handled gracefully.   osCommerce has nothing in place at all to deal with errors, either you suppress errors ( error_reporting ( E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE ) ) which is the standard osCommerce set up. Or you set error reporting high ( error_reporting ( E_ALL | E_STRICT ) ) and the site falls apart with errors all over the shop. ( obviously not possible on a live site ).   Understandably because of this the vast majority of osCommerce installations suppress all errors. What this means is that most osCommerce installations have tons of errors but the owners of the sites are happily ignorant of this fact. You will probably be surprised to know that some shops even suppress warnings, terrible!   Also, when errors print to screen via standard PHP error handling they show your servers full path which is a potential serious security risk, KissER suppresses these full paths.   There are those ( usually contributors of dodgy contributions or incapable developers ) who would tell you "don't worry about those, they are only notices .. they're fine!", rubbish!, errors are errors and a good shop should have none. An error free shop will be faster, more secure and easier to debug. Ignore errors at your peril!   Think your site is error free? I very much doubt it!   But the last thing I want my users to see is errors!!   Agreed .. which is why KissER Error Handling & Debugging has settings where these errors can be printed to screen but only visible to you, or silently written to an error file where you can view and handle them at your leisure.   Debugging:   Powerful set of simple to use debugging tools where you can easily debug: -  
  You can also use "break points" to locate where a site is slowing down or breaking.   Download the current version