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how easy is this site to recreate using templates

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I was wondering if anyone could offer me some wisdom on a problem that I am having.


I have a friend who would like me to have a look at designing them a website.


I am familiar with adding flash elements and javascript into a template and am also resonably ok with the design aspect of sites.


Is it possible to recreate a website alomost identical to the following www.modusfireplaces.com using sts?


I have dreamweaver cs3 that I use for certain aspects of my own website design however I use it more as an editing tool for my tremplates rather than something I create my sites on.


Is this something that can be done using oscommerce or does it require a different OS?


My understanding of the site is that it uses very impressive graphics and images (high quality) however the layout and functionality of the site looks very easy.


Any help or tips on this would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you to whoever has a look and helps out.



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Cheers for the response. I have my own osc site that I have created and am a resonably active poster on the forums.


I have given advice many times hance the positive feedback before today and my -2 knockdown.


I always had the intention of using the OSC platform to do this however as it appears to be in a laytout I was unfamiliar with I was trying to get an idea of how easy it would be for me to do this as my friend does not want to spend fortunes if anything.


I agree that you should be able to see who leaves the feedback and in some instances you should be able to challenge it if it is not justified(still not sure if mine is?)


Thanks again :)

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