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Discount Coupon Codes Bug

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Hi, I have an oscommerce ms 2.2 e-commerce site - I have used the AutoInstaller 2.14 for Discount Coupon Codes and have installed the Discount Coupon Codes v 3.32 - Everything seems to work okay, however I have discovered that if during the order process (Payment Information - checkout_payment.php), if customers types in an incorrect Coupon Code in the box, after clicking on Continue, they will be taken to the login page (login.php) - this is like a loop process. However if they type in the right coupon code, everything works fine and the discount is applied ... Any idea what is causing this?


I'm running PHP 5.2.6 - MySQL 4.1.22-standard


Thanks for your help in advance.


P.S. what would be the latest / correct version of Discount Coupon Codes to use for an oscommerce ms 2.2 shopping cart? is version v 3.32 correct?



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