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[Contrib] Attribute Sorter and Copier 6.0.3

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I have diferent atributes contribs.

Ajax atributes manager - Working

Quick Atributes - Working

Attribute Sorter and Copier v.6.0.2 - Semi-working


I need to copy all atributes from one product to other. This can be make with Ajax Atributes adding SETS but i need to enter and edit the product = more time.


The problem is diferent column names. For default I have 1 more column named "attribute_sort"



ALTER TABLE products_attributes ADD products_options_sort_order int(6) NOT NULL default '0' AFTER price_prefix;
ALTER TABLE products_options_values_to_products_options ADD products_options_values_sort_order int(6) NOT NULL default '0' AFTER products_options_values_id;

ALTER TABLE products_attributes ADD attribute_sort int(6) NOT NULL default '0' AFTER products_options_sort_order;



In catalog/admin product list. When duplicating a product + atribute (atribute clone) it gets an error:

1136 - Column count doesn't match value count at row 1

insert into products_attributes values ('', '16211', '1', '1', '0.0000', '+', '0')



I know that this was also comented but i dont find a solution to this and where to modify categories.php archive.

All fixes I found where to add only one column, products_options_sort_order or attribute_sort


Also ther is a function that I need (Copy atributes from one product to varios products) but is comented:

// WebMakers.com Added: Copy Attributes Existing Product to All Existing Products in a Category
//  echo 'Copy from products_id# ' . $make_copy_from_products_id . ' Copy to all products in category: ' . $cID . '<br>';



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