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Discuount Module

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I am using this addon




i have installed it successfully and everything seems to be working fine except i think the addon is calculating the discount based on the products value before tax has been added and not after...


what i mean is...

my product retails for $35 with 10% tax so the actual price is something like 31.82


the discount shows 3.18

where it should say 3.50


what do i need to edit to discount the $35 price...

it has

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Discount modules, as far as I know....ALL deduct the discount before taxes. In Canada, you can't collect taxes, then give a discount. Taxes paid are on the net price, not the gross.






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in australia, the tax is included in the price displayed on the "tag". I know in the US the tax is only added when you pay for the item...


so a discount...will be applied to the whole amount not the net price.


So all i need to do is modify the addon to look at the gross price and not the net price...


anyone know where this is exactly in the addon



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