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USPS Methods broken with 1/4/10 price change implemented by the USPS

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I had to insert the international shipping methods by hand in myphp admin. It would be nice to get a final correct edit of this posted to the contribution page. I am willing to give my code to anyone willing to work on that. I would also be nice to get a fix in place to be able to sort this out from the oscommerce admin the next time that USPS screws us.



Actually, all you had to do was remove, then re-install the module from the Admin page. When the shipping type names change, the new options must be stored to the configuration table in the shop's database. Removing the module clears the entries in the table; installing puts them back.


Due to the way that USPS re-names the shipping options from time to time, there isn't an easy way to deal with this in the admin. However, I have figured out a way to make it slightly easier to do the updates. Currently, you must make the changes three times; first in the "types" and/or "intl_types" arrays, then twice in the install() function to generate the configuration options for the admin. I have a change that uses the shipping type arrays to generate the correct strings for the configuration options automatically. This will make it far simpler to maintain the module going forward. I'll post it shortly.



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I have not been able to get any of the USPS methods above like 2.9 work for me. I am not very good at editing things it seems and when i install and follow install directions when I am done the Admin page wont load and is just blank.

I have been trying to get 4.3.1 installed since i had no luck with 4.3.2 figured if I could that working i might be able to figure out whats wrong. At this point I am so frustrated and can't afford to hire someone to do it for me. I might just have to shut down shop for awhile which isnt a good option either.


If anyone is willing to 1 on 1 help me that would be great. I may be able to afford small compensation.

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