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Digital Download Code generation?

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Hi folks,


I'm gonna give osCommerce a shot for my new record label. We mostly press vinyl records. What I want to do is when someone makes a purchase of a vinyl record, a code could be generated for them to also download the album in mp3 format.


Does anyone know a good way to implement something like this in osCommerce?


Thanks for any insight.



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osc can handle downloadable products. I would suggest using the Super Download Store contribution to handle the download side of things, as it will allow you to create group file downloads and use subdirectories in the downloads folder, which is helpful in keeping things organised and splitting what would otherwise be quite large download files into smaller sections. Neither SDS nor osc without it offer any code for downloading but none is needed, when set up correctly a customer needs to be logged into their account to get the download and you can limit the number of days and number of times the download can be available for - they are not given a 'download link' that could be distributed to all and sundry.


You could then just create a 'product' consisting of an album+mp3 as a set. A little sleight of hand might be necessary over shipping as osc will normally skip shipping for virtual products, and downloads won't be available if the product is not set as virtual, but this shouldn't be impossible to overcome. Then the mp3 files would available for download when they purchase that product and the vinyl can be sent to them in the normal way. Alternatively rather than practicing some sleight of hand with a product that is both virtual and physical I think there are probably addons for handling linked products, so you could keep the album and mp3 files as separate but linked products with one price.

www.jyoshna.com. Currently using OsC with STS, Super Download Store, Categories Descriptons, Manufacturers Description, Individual Item Status, Infopages unlimited, Product Sort, Osplayer with flashmp3player, Product Tabs 2.1 with WebFx Tabpane and other bits and pieces including some I made myself. Many thanks to all whose contributions I have used!

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