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Restrict Shipping Method based on Category

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I have 3 shipping modules


USPS (1st class)


International customers


I sell remote control airplanes and then sell small parts for them. The remote control airplanes need to be sent ONLY UPS to the USA since they are large and heavy. I have a disclaimer that these ship out only UPS, but 4-10 ignore this and provide PO boxes and or choose USPS mail option.


I need a module or an idea that can restrict my USPS (regular mail) shipping method to be an option when anything in the the airplane category is selected.


For my international customers only us I want a surcharge added only if an airplane is selected.


For parts, I still want my customers to have the ability to use USPS or UPS.


To top it all off,I want a surcharge added to the shipping for certain large airplanes


Any suggestions or am I clear as mudd?

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