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problem with visitor web stats

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I have installed visitor web stats and asked this same question on there support thread but i dont think anyone is monitoring it anymore there has not been a new reply since i posted my question so can someone out there please try and help me.


it all seems to be working fine with just a couple of exceptions, in the table on the admin called hits today it shows a number then >>> the number i think is the total pages that a person visited and i think when i click on the >>> a poput appears with the ip address and a list of ( http:// ) that matches the number, also if o hover over any of the ( http:// ) this is the url that is there ( http://www.pcncautomation.nethttp:// ) also if i hover over the >>> this is the url of one of them ( http://www.pcncautomation.net/admin/visitors.php?page=1&report=10&trace_pop_up=action&trace_ip= )


this is what i know doesnt work so far and i am not that knowledgable with php to follow what the pages or script is trying to do to troubleshoot this so if any one will let me know what they need to troublshoot this code or pages please let me know i would like to have this working



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