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Product Extra Fields contribution support

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Support thread for : Product Extra Fields


Couldn't find a support thread for this contribtuion so thought I'd start one, and ask a question at the same time.


I installed version Product Extra Fields 2.0j and it works perfectly, apart from one thing:


If I need to change/update a product extra field value via admin the values I previously entered into extra fields don’t get loaded into the text boxes from the database. This means I have to re-enter all the values again, so that when I click update they're not over written as blank to the database.


I have probably missed something in the instructions and I have checked and tried many things but without success. Some guidance would be appreciated

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I would like to show in my XML feed the 3 new fields that I have created, but I dont know how to call them.


I have a field called "Genre" in the administration panel.


Here is what I tried in the php page used for the xml feed:


$output .= '<Genre><![CDATA['. $products_extra_fields['value'] .']]></gender>';


$output .= '<category type="genre"><![CDATA['. $extra_fields['Genre'] .']]></category>';


I dont really understand what I'm doing, and it is naturally not working. :(



I welcome any kind of help! :)

Thanks in advance!

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