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Constructive comments for my site please

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I am tweaking my poker chip site at http://www.pokerchipzone.com


It is pretty close to stock and I am still looking for inspiration for the index page.


I am using the "more categories" contribution to help define my products for easier shopping. I have also added the "products specifications" module, giving the customer the ability to filter down the type of poker chip they are looking for.


My code guy made a tweak or two here and there. He added my SSL certificate and pay info to a new box in the "column right". We also created a new database table and a php file where we could create "parent/child" products. Since a customer may want a specific design of a poker chip, but needs 3 or 4 different colors, they can now "build a set" on a common form with a single add to cart button.


I think I am satisfied with the overall function of the site, but I would really like to see your comments and maybe some shining examples for a more creative overall look & feel.




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How you want you site to look is always very subjective.


Might be best to go looking yourself to see if anything out there meets YOUR needs as, unfortunately, the spec is a bit vague.


Try looking at this page in FF, I get a superimposed box which looks distinctly odd.




Colour theme looks a bit harsh to me.

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I agree with you that your tore is very near to being stock. My first impression was that it was black and white with a hint of res. Your whole site needs to be colour matched. You have an assortment of red and blue burrons, toy have red and black on your pages, and all of a sudden if you click onto a product you then get another colour on the product tabs. Sort the basics out first.


I did a quick search on google to find what other poker chip sites are doing, and i can honestly say your site is no match to your competition. You have a very long way to go in a good design.


Best of luck.


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