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Shipping module request

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Hi to you all,


I have seen a shipping module that i would love to use in my own oscommerce site.


If you have some spare time take a look here http://xilouris.gr/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=5976


Now, press the "add to basket" button (under the the product image, at the right) and after

that you will be redirected to the shopping_cart page.


There, at the same page, under the shoping cart contents we see a fantastic module that

dynamically calculates the product final price based on the country, State/Province & Carrier/Delivery Methods selection!


It does all this at the shoping_cart page, before forcing you to log in to the site or create an account!


Does anyone knows where can i find this module or something that will work in a similar way;


Thank you very much.

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