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Flash Slideshow cannot get the links to open in _self

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I have downloaded and installed the AJAX Suber baner Slideshow in Home Page contribution found here and everything seems to be working great apart from one problem.


when you click on the flash images they open a link (which is what I want) however it opens in a new window in IE and a new tab in Firefox. I want it to open in the same window.


I have read that you need to change your script to say navigateToURL(_self); However in the three files that are contained in the contribution none of them contain the words navigateToURL in them. I have looked at the script that the contribution uses and again there is no reference to navigateToURL within this.


Could anyone explain a couple of things to me?

1.does a flash link by default open in a new window?

2.Can anyone download the contrib have a quick look at the files and let me know if they have any idea on how to change this?


Thanks to anyone who replies :)

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The slides.xml file is where you need to add the target. Also, you may want to set the target to _parent as I found in many cases, OSC opens would change only 1 frame.





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Hi thank you for your reply.


Do you have any idea where in the slides.xml file I would place this? I have tried within the image to place URLTarget"_parent" and it still opens in another tab.



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<flash_parameters copyright="socusoftFSMTheme">
           <basic_property movieWidth="145" movieHeight="260" decoration="res/arrow_bar.swf" html_title="Title" loadStyle="Bar" hideAdobeMenu="false" socusoftMenu="false" photoDynamicShow="true" enableURL="true" transitionArray=""/>
           <title_property photoTitle="false" photoTitleX="5" photoTitleY="5" photoTitleSize="15" photoTitleFont="Verdana" photoTitleColor="0xffffff"/>
           <music_property path="" stream="true" loop="true"/>
           <photo_property topPadding="0" bottomPadding="0" leftPadding="0" rightPadding="0"/>
           <properties enable="true" backgroundColor="0xffffff" backgroundAlpha="30" cssText="a:link{text-decoration: underline;} a:hover{color:#ff0000; text-decoration: none;} a:active{color:#0000ff;text-decoration: none;} .blue {color:#0000ff; font-size:15px; font-style:italic; text-decoration: underline;} .body{color:#ff5500;font-size:20px;}" align="top"/>
           <basic_property showPrview="false" prviewWidth="100" prviewHeight="75" lineColor="0xffffff" numberColor="0xffffff" hovrColor="0xff8000" prviewBorderColor="0xffffff"/>
       <slide jpegURL="thumbs/p_0001.jpg" d_URL="images/flash/salomonmissionadvert.gif" transition="56" panzoom="1" urltarget="_parent" phototime="6" url="http://www.mountain-marine.com/mission-rs-cf-ski-boots-p-4121.html" title="mission boots" width="145" height="242"/>
       <slide jpegURL="thumbs/p_0002.jpg" d_URL="images/eider/eiderladies.gif" transition="56" panzoom="1" urltarget="_parent" phototime="6" url="http://www.mountain-marine.com/alya-p-4091.html" title="Eider Alya Jacket" width="145" height="242"/>



Am I missing something very simple?

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try this option :


In my script, it works.


But may be your problem was fixed since november 2009 :)

Sorry, I just found the issue of this problem I encountered right now.

Edited by GniDhal

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excuse my bad English, I have installed AJAX Slideshow Suber Baner in the Home but when I access the home using the URL without "www" (only with "mydomain.com"), the slide does not work and I get the message "LOAD FAIL"


But if I access the home using the fully domain "www.mydomain.com" works perfectly


Why? How can I do to fix this error?


Thanks for the reply,


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