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MultiGeoZone MultiTable Shipping

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Having some issues with this module - actually I think im probably being thick but either way I am having trouble getting my head around doing something that I thought would be simple: I been around and around on this, different threads, different sites, things that come close but I can't find or decypher my answer anywhere.

This is the deal:

I am shipping only to the UK and need 3 shipping zones each with a flat rate no matter what is bought. Easy eh...erm, no.

1. Right I have set up my 3 zones in Admin under locations/taxes/tax zones:- Shp: Mainland UK, Shp: Scottish Highlands and Shp: Uk Islands - no worries.

2. I have added the correct areas for each shipping zone.

3. Then went to Modules/shipping and enabled MultiGeoZone MultiTable.

4. I was then able to configure zones 1 , 2 and 3 to the the shipping zones I had created, and add a flat rate price(i presume if you put it in the 'handling fee' field this would be correct, but no info on flat rates so just guessing).


This is as far as I get - I try to order something, and add my address as say 'inverness' to check(im in wales) it but after filling out my details I'm taken to the shipping page to confirm my shipping address and clicking on 'continue' does absolutely nothing, just reloads the page.


Have I done something wrong here...scratching my head, beginnig to swear.

TIA for any input or help offered.



Bryndog, a lone crusader charged with not messing up

Thanks to any an all for your help and advice.

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