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IIF Import failing

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Hi all,


Looking forward to trying your contribution. I have it installed, but when I go to import INVIMPORT.iif, QBACCT.iif and QBMISC.iif per your instructions, I hit "update", it thinks for a bit, then returns me to the same screen with nothing imported, no error message, no errors in the error log... Just silent error :(. Is there a way to import these iif files into the db manually? Or is there perhaps permission issues to a temp directory etc?


Another thing I noticed (besides the missing Event logs which i haven't fixed yet - do you have a link to that file?) is that in the install instructions, it says to add:


includes/javascript/spiffCal folder (may already exist depending on your other contributions) 


This was not included with the contribution, but I looked in my install (MS2) and there is a folder in /includes/javascript called "spiffyCal" - Is that the same thing? Is there a problem with the slight difference in naming?


For the record, in the getting started guide, I think adding a little instruction regarding the production of iif files from QB would have saved me a lot of time -(for instance just adding the navigation in Quickbooks 2009:


File / Utilities / Export / Lists as IIF files...


I was hacking around with Lists... Item List... Export... csv... got lost there hehe.


Please let me know if you have a clue why my QB iif files will not import? I am stuck until I can get that initial data in correct?





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