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Advanced Question: How to add bullets to the "Categories" in Left Column?

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I'm trying to turn this: (website)


Into this: (image)




1. I want to make the big "blue square bullets" appear next to each of the category types

and I want to make the category types color# black and font size 11, bold


2. Whenever category is clicked, I want to have sub categories popup with smaller "blue

square bullets" with a white table and darker blue border. I would like the sub categories

to be color# blue, and be font size 9.


3. I would like to take out the number of products shown in each category also.. example:




Ok, Now my first guess is that I would be adding some special code to the /includes/boxes/categories.php file, and then going in the style sheet and doing all of my other stuff to edit only that particular categories box. Am I right or completely wrong? :D


Does anyone have any tips for me or can show me some sort of advanced tutorial? Thanks everyone for you help!

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