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My import game store: feedback requested :)

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I don't know what you've done to the layout but you always get a horizontal scroll bar and the center section resizes with the screen. As a result the edges are cropped off. I'd make the store fixed width and centered. This is my personal preference but a lot of people seem to prefer this also.


You're missing some images - note Gameboy section, and descriptions for that matter.


I'd change the default "Top" on the breadcrumb to "Home" or something similar - or lose it altogether, since you already have a Main Page link.


I like the idea you've got a theme and are sticking to it, but I'm not sure it works for the buttons ("Add to Cart" etc.)


Categories section is very much stock OSC looking. Maybe you should think of tarting this up a little. Not sure the category counts are needed - I've never been a big fan.


Lose the default OSC icons on the info pages. Doesn't fit with your theme.


You're running SSL for the entire site - is this necessary? Could slow up your performance.


I wouldn't display the qty count in the product listing.


Product Listing pages are slow to load and "dance" due to images being loaded and resizing. Make it fixed width would fix this usability issue.

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