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Is there an add-on for...

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I'm looking for some add-ons -- and haven't been able to find them on the osC site. I am hoping I am just "blind"... B)


1. Sometimes, we have a Customer call in who wants us to just process their order while they're on the phone. They're usually willing to provide CC details, etc... Is there an add-on that will allow someone with access to the osC Admin Tools for my website to go to a particular Customer's record and place an order for them -- all the way through Checkout?


2. The other situation we see a lot is when a Sales Rep is talking to a Customer who is planning to buy in Quantity -- or who simply needs to get a purchase approved with someone higher up in their company before placing the order. Is there an add-on that will allow our Sales Reps to generate a Quote -- with a discount, when applicable -- and email a link to the Customer? (Sometimes, the person who requested the Quote will not be the person who actually places the purchase -- so I would really like the link to contain the information necessary to complete the transaction, no matter what Customer ends up logging in to actually do the Checkout...)


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!



Julie Williams

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Have you searched the add-ons for


order editor






There a several that might fit the bill.





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