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Paypal sucess page with order email but no money on account

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Here is my problem everything works. Payment success. Emails get send to customer. order on admin. customer are created. but i don't see any money coming in or going out from my paypal account. I tried it in live and sandbox. Nothing. I tried the PayPal EC for OSCommerce V2.24, paypal_express_1_0, paypal-pro-for-oscommerce-v1.0.7a and paypal_us. They all have the same problem. Everything works, but no money. I double checked the IPA and is good. I even deleted it and opened it several times, still no good. Please tell me what is wrong with this?


curl is good. wpp_diagnostics.php tells me everything is good.

ssl certificate from comodo.


HELLPPPP. Being trying to fix this for 3 days already. I almost tried everything.


Thank you so much my friends.

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