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New Hair & Beauty Site Live - feedback please

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You don't have the "powered by osCommerce" in your footer, so, according to the forum rules, there is no feedback


Ah yes I just realised I missed that off, will fix today :)

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1) I just looked at the site using FF and noticed the left side has layered buttons. Contact Us, Category and the All Brands pull down are sitting on top of eachother.


Now, this could be because of several things:


A ) Firefox does not like your nav bar. (FF 3.5.7)


B ) I am viewing it on a smaller monitor than what your site is formatted to but since you have it centered, I am not sure this is the reason.


2) The privacy, conditions, shipping notices and all articles right side border is not aligned.


3) The drop down Brands Menu Does not work.


4) The Royal Mail Banner on the left side opens a BLANK page and does nothing.


5) The search box does NOT work when the customer types in the search criteria and hits enter, but DOES work when they click 'GO'


Again, this could be attributed to using Firefox, but you may want to look into it as MANY people do not use IE.




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