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Select Product Image Directory & Instant Update For Products

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Hi guys,



I installed this great addon & it works well, thanks for sharing it.


I just have a question about the default images folder.

I think that all productimages has to been stored in 1 directory with subdirectories & not all in images.

Therefore I create a folder "products" in /images/.

To avoid mistake I would like that the default folder is that folder.

Could somebody help me to fix that?


/* BOF  Select Product Image Directory */
  $images_dir = DIR_WS_IMAGES; // default catalog images folder;
  $exclude_folders = array("banners","default","icons","mail","infobox","js","card_acceptance","slideshow","social_bookmarks","thumbs"); // folders to exclude from adding new images
 $root_images_dir = DIR_FS_CATALOG .  $images_dir;
/* EOF  Select Product Image Directory */
thanks in advance for help

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I think you have to select the image folder every time, and as the person that coded this addon is not around now, it may be a while before you get help with your query.


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It's very easy to over complicate what are simple things in life

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Thanks for the great addon, i had installed the newest version on osc 234.1 version and it works perfectly.

It can create the image subfolders, is there a way that i can delete from the admin section if i need to delete the subfolder, instead of login the file manager?


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Thank you for the great addon! I installed it on 234.1 and 234.1CE (BS) version.

Repeat the question + new questions:

1. Can add delete functions to be able to delete  the folder created and whatever images saved within the folder? how to add the code?

2. Found that the new made folder it will save under images folder, which works great, however, it doesn't seems saved on database, not sure the reason...so how to make it also save into database?

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Hi having trouble getting this to work under frozen BS php7
It all appears to be working but won't put the image in to the directory I choose or a new one
I change
$images_dir = DIR_WS_IMAGES;  to $images_dir = 'images/';
changed all the post and get to 
$_POST and $_GET
The instruction regards the below don't make much sense as I can't find that line but found $products_image = new upload but there is a huge amount of code down to the next break;

case 'new_product_preview':

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