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Dates By Products AddOn Development

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Dear OSC Experts, im trying to complete the development of a kind of addon started and never ended by several programmers.


Here is the deal,


Added a JSCRIPT Calendar in product_info.php (dates limited by js)

Copy the selected date to a hidden input form field.

Pass the date to the array.

Show date per product in files like checkout_shipping and so

Store Date in customers_basket table

Store Date in orders_products table


Show in reports....



Any help? DB is modified, Calendar is already working in product_info. Im having trouble to pass the date and store it, also to retrieve it...



Thanks In Advance

Edited by Jan Zonjee

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Are you using an option types contribution? The installation should show you where you need to make changes to pass a date rather than a MySQL ID. The simplest thing would be to install something like Option Types v2 and then use the text passing capability to pass the date value (rather than try to pass a MySQL date value). Date would simply be a new option type in that scenario, a new case in various switch statements.

Always back up before making changes.

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Hi matt, thanks in advance for your answer.


I read about Option Types, the issue there is that i need the user/client to select a date, because the idea is to sell tours within a given period of time.


If i am not wrong, option types lets you configure X options via the admin, but those options remain static for the client....


Do you follow what i mean? Think im right?

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