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please post a working current paypal_ipn.php file!

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paypal_ipn.php adaptation needed for SDS 1.0+ please!


I've been comparing both the current RC2a paypal_ipn (catalog/includes/modules/payment/paypal_ipn.php) and my previous version with the SDS1.0 changes to checkout_process.php and - whatever my expertise may be with php - it is not at all clear where to insert/duplicate the SDS1.0 code to paypal_ipn.php, especially where it's a decision whether to insert them before a segment that is unique to paypal_ipn.php, or where lines in checkout_process.php

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(continuing the message)

...do not seem to correlate with anything in paypal_ipn.php (for example, lines 161-172 in the SDS1.1 checkout_process.php).


Are there explicit instructions for this anywhere? I've been through the entire SDS support forum several times - which is massively difficult with osC's horrible new display system [hiding the topic titles - what's up with that?], and I can't find anything like that. Better yet, Alex, is there any reason why we can't get a plain vanilla paypal_ipn.php that's been successfully adapted for SDS 1.0 either (1) included as part of the standard SDS download or (2) posted as a stand-alone add-on to the main contribution (#4868). Or even built into one of your separate paypal contributions? Please, have mercy on us unworthy disciples and show us the way! I will gladly contribute to the cau$e.


To any other SDS users, even if you can't post it to this thread, I'd be grateful for a PM or an e-mail if you've solved the paypal_ipn.php riddle.


The other thing on my SDS wish-list is a full set of instructions for entering and updating data into the new SDS admin/products_attributes.php screen. I've now got it more-or-less figured out, but it seems like each item I add brings new confusions and surprises. For instance, how to set File Groups back to status "0" - or how to either hide or attach file sizes to the Product Attributes entry area - instead of having to enter them as "Option Values". (I have a record-label with 50+ releases - with three or four download formats each that's 150-200+ option values I'll need to establish...). At this point I may need to simply hide that on the product display page and include the actual download sizes in the product description...





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