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"customer product entry"

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Hello all,


I have done quite a bit of searching with no results (at least that I can find) for such an Animal (add-on) for OSC in order to allow:


Customer Product Entry


I have had the thought for some time, and have used OSC carts on and off since 2004 and how it would work is one of two ways.


a) I would like to create a page (process) where the EU (end user) that once they are 'registered' be able to then go in and "Add Products" (and/or Categories) Categories at this time, not important really....with any ADMIN intervention at all.


In other words, I am just providing a "venue" for them to sell their items also....once they have landed on the site.


B) If you are confused as of why, please think of this as like "affiliate" in which they just get a "cut of the pie" and then the PAYOUT is done.


Except in this case, once they enter their own products into my cart.. I am actually the affiliate and will "get a cut" of the products they are selling.


Does such an MOD exist, or has anyone ever seen it discussed please?

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Try "Customer Add Product" contribution (number 2890)


Fourpaws, thank you for the reply... Appending 2890 sure helped in stead of getting pst in 16 pages of the search results !!


Thx again,



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