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osCommerce Engine running Body Jewellery Store

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I have posted my website here before....

I've taken all feedback on board and this is the result


Just a bit of background on the site and the business behind it...


We are setting up a market stall that is transported using a large 4WD

We send a nice selection of our stock to the website and the rest appears at our 'market exhibition sales'..The website is a way of customers being able to deal with us in their own time....the markets are used simply build trust in our brand image


We are currently finalising a SEO plan which will be the beginning our our overall marketing campaign...




Honest feedback is appreciated!!



Also, a big thanks goes out to the strong oscommerce community who build functionality to the most stable online store software in the world

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I would remove: This product was added to our catalog on


And this statement: Blings and Rings want to make your online shopping experience fast and safe. We are working on connecting with secure payment gateway EWAY for your ease of use for credit card processing, but until this is finalised we can only provide PAYPAL as the single payment option. If you do not have an account with PAYPAL and you look carefully, you will see a link for non members to use their credit cards. Thank you for shopping with Blings and Rings!


could cause user to wonder if they should make a purchase, at least it does me.

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