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Order Total Modules - Sort Order Not Updating

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I've just tried installing the Discount Coupon contribution which requires a unique sort order under the Order Total Modules.


However, when I install and set the sort order, nothing is displayed for a sort order in the module list. And when I edit the existing modules to change their sort order, the new sort order appears on the right under the module details. But the list of modules still shows the original sort order.


I've tried removing all modules and reinstalling and configuring the sort order. But no matter what I do, nothing changes. I've even tested the site and the order total information stays the same no matter what I change, remove, or add in the admin system. It appears that the admin settings simply don't do anything but I have no idea why.


Does anyone know how to fix this or can anyone at least point me in the right direction to figure out what the problem is?




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