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Product Extra Fields Unknown Problem

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I have many sites with this super addon.


Recently i transfer some of them from win to linux. Everything seems to be ok until i tried to delete one pef from the admin.

After several hours of research i cant see where the problem is.


Things that i have noticed and done



1.The site which im referring on, was 465 pef

2.I can add a new one pef but i cant delete it.

3.when im trying to upload a photo, in a product... the photo is uploaded normally but on update it doesnt write the name of the photo in the db

4.i tried to delete all the names from Product_Extra_Fields_name (maybe for unknown characters)

5.when im trying to update pef in a product, it updates some of the pef not all

6.i emptied the table and everything seems to be ok. upload foto, edit/delete pef ok

7.i have add on more field for the multi-lang name of the pef (different names in pef)



any ideas, help or suggestions?


Thank you in advance

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Ok... as nobody answered i tried to debug it, myself!


There is something wrong with the server. Some kind of limitation of many inputs/checkboxes.


around 50 pefs actually means 350 strings to POST.... THE POST is the problem and not the script


after a googling i found this guy http://www.webmasterworld.com/php/3927419.htm which we have the exact same problem but nobody answer him :(


any ideas?


ps. i already tried the post_max_size = 2147483647 but it is already too high!

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