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Admin | Modules | Payments and Shipping lists disappear on install

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Admin | Modules | Payments and Shipping lists disappear on file upload



Whenever I upload checkout_by_amazon.php to catalog/includes/modules/payment and checkout_by_amazon_shipping.php to catalog/includes/modules/shipping my module list in the Admin Shipping module disappears from the Admin panel and only two payment modules are left listed in the Payment panel.


I am running OScommerce 2.2MS1 and PHP5.


My admin directory is mysite.com/admin and catalog is mysite.com/catalog


I'm not sure what else I could mention.



Anyone run into this?

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I've got a similar problem - nothing to do with the checkout_by_amazon.php contribution - I've just had to move a live site from php4 hosting to php5 hosting (and mysql5 as well). There were a number of glitches which I've managed to fix thanks to a tip on the tips and tricks forum (http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=177004) - but I've now found that in the admin console nothing shows up for any of the modules - payment, shipping and order total. I can't understand what's happening, as all the required files are still there - there's just no way to read them from the admin console.


So this is really a general call for help - does anyone know why these modules have disappeared, or what I can do to restore them? I'm using osCommerce 2.2-MS2. Any suggestions gratefully received!

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