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Installing payment module

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Need some assistance. I noticed that the payment module (net1) for Sage is not included in the payment module choices for installation. I am all set up with my virtual terminal and I was emailed a copy, net1.php by sage support, and told to install it on the web server. I uploaded this file into the payment module folder but that apparently didn't do the trick. When going back to the payment modules section to install it I saw various errors.


Can someone advise how you go about this? I have v2.2 oscommerce.

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Sorry for latching on to this thread but I am having the same problem. I have uploaded the payment module net1 and can see it on the server, however when I log into the OS Commerce 2.2 admin site goto module-payments the option for net1 and many other modules that I can see on the server are not available to me. This is what it shows me but it gives me no options to do anything with it;


Authorize.net Credit Card AIM

Authorize.net Credit Card SIM Info

Credit Card (Not For Production Use) 0 Info

ChronoPay Info

Cash on Delivery 0 Info

iPayment Info

Check/Money Order


You have to make a test transaction and a refund but if I cannot set this up how can I get the shop up and running. It is very frustrating when I go through the cart on the website it all seems to be working but when I go into the sage pay account it says there are no transactions.


Any help with this is very much appreciated.

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