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PayPal Website Payments Pro, U.S. Edition Severe Flaw

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I had a customer alert me to this flaw. He got frustrated trying to change the shipping address (another issue) in the express checkout and when he clicked on MY ACCOUNT the information for all the others that had used that method showed up and would allow him to click on their specific orders and be able to check out what they had purchased.


It is like they are all being lumped into one group which would be fine so long as the my account option was disables for express checkout only.


At this point I am looking at removing the express checkout option as my only quick fix. has anyone else experienced this or found a fix.


If so post a link please.

The Site can be viewed at www.performanceautopartsonline.com


The site is live (despite these minor glitches) please respect that and do not sign up etc...


maybe a contribution one day when I get this site the way I want it.


I don't make spelling mistakes! I have dyslecsic fingers.

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