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Adding another shipping method + changing descriptions.

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Hey all,


I've just taken over the role of Online Marketer at my company, and have been thrown in the deep end, in terms of making changes to osCommerce, having never used it before.


I'm looking to add another shipping method and change the description of each method.


Currently we have the following:

Flat Rate

For 6 items or more: $10


Per Item

1 - 5 items: $2



I want it to be more like this:

Flat Rate

3 books or more: $10


Per item

1 book: $3


2 books: $4




I've searched the Shipping Modules and this forum, and have become pouty and sad in the process (since I assume this is actually pretty easy, and my powers of internerd are letting me down). Any assistance you could provide would be super radical, and would result in a hand-drawn picture of a kitten being sent your way.

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Would just like to add more to this, seeing as apparently no one can assist with two problems at once.


I primarily want to change the descriptions on the payment methods. I'm happy to only have two domestic methods at this time, however I want to be able to ensure that people aren't paying too much for shipping by ensuring each method is clearly explained.


I thought I found a module for this earlier, but it didn't seem to explain how to actually change the information and the code, just simply that "hey, a module exists for this!".


Even just a shove in the right direction would be awesome.

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I've also been through every language file under the /english folder, look extensively through threads here, Googled the issue a bunch of times and can't find anyone who's had this problem or knows how to fix it. Just sayin'.

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Fixed. Thanks for all your help.

I mean... nevermind.


Don't get discouraged, I've been there...


Sometimes it takes several tries using different search strings to get somewhere.

Sometimes you can get results in the most unexpected places...


It would be nice to have a little write up on how to change certain aspects of the OSC - how to change text on so and so pages, how to add certain functions, end so on.


Usually when you search for a while - you may find a solution from a completely different angle.


I've been "forced" into OSC and had to learn it myself by trial and error - got it almost going - although the script guy I hired got paid for it. That's life...

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