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.htaccess edit to allow simple redirect

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I've installed Ultimate SEO and I love it.


I have one problem with the redirect rules in the .ataccess file.


I need to add a permanent redirect link from a static page to

a category page:


http://xxxx.com/power-pendants ==> http://xxxx.com/store/power-pendants-c-27.html


What rule do I need to change or add?


When I try to change it - I get an error:


Apache detected an error in the Rewrite config. Syntax error on line 10 of /home/xxxx/public_html/.htaccess.nACJzzIW8v8_gON5vViaRCgVYNb0rbUI:

RedirectMatch takes two or three arguments, an optional status, then a regular expression and destination URL

Please try again.


Help please!

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