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Price per family/group?

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Hello there!


Im trying to customice an oscommerce installation to suit the specifications of my client, and I've searching to check if what I need already exists. I have had no luck googling it but maybe I wasnt able to come up with the right search, so i thought you could help me.


What my client needs is to add the funcionality to be able to set prices to the products/families for a given user/user group. For example:


- The shop owner sets a price to a product. That price will apply to all the "normal" clients.

- Then, the shop owner wants to set a price to a product for a group, for example, "other shop owners who will resell my product" would benefit of a 20% discount or 20€ discount (that is, percentages or direct discount prices).


Is there already any contribution like that?


Thanks for your attention

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Sorry, I'm afraid I let a few details out:


It is also necessary that prices can be set to the product families, so that the shop owner doesn't have to update all the products every time he gets a new "special" client. For example, if the shop owner has 2000 products in 10 families, and he gets a new "special" client who will have special discounts, the desired behaviour is that the shop owner would only have to set this new client discounts for the 10 families, instead of for the 2000 products.


I hope I made my question clear despite my english, but if its not, please, let me know so that i can try and give a few more examples,


Thanks again.

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Thanks Jonojamesmac,


unfortunately the contribution you suggested doesn't seem to have the capability to update the prices of all the products of a category for a given group at once, as i said in my second post.


I think i will install that contribution and one i found, called "price-category", and tweak them a bit so that they can work together, and maybe upload it if the community is interested.


Thanks again for your interest :D

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