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Purchase after purchase

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I am looking for a contribution where a category is only available for purchase after some item are purchased.


The reason i need this is there are some tiny item that are cheap and not worth to be bought only as the shipping itself is more expensive then the selling price. Nevertheless, will combine shipment, it is worth to buy or sell as the the item is light weight and most probably doesn't incurred additional shipping cost if it is ship together.


To further elaborate, lets say i sell burger in my store, when buyer add burger to cart, they start to have access to a category where they can find french fries or coke to add on into their cart. These french fries or coke are not available if the cart is empty.


Is there such contribution available??


The closest i can find is gift item add on, but it is a free of charge item, i need to price my item.


Any help is very much appreciated.


Thank you

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