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Hi Everybody,


I wonder if somebody could help me.

Recently I've added this contribution http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2779, basically it adds a new product field for all the products.

In this case I have used it for an extra field for the RRP Price or Cost Saving you can view it here on the http://www.itsahairthing.co.uk/product_inf...bme1l47bo07lsc0 ( the extra field is below the price )


Now this works fine.


Now what I want to do is add the same field on the product listing page within a similar box see here http://www.itsahairthing.co.uk/index.php?c...bme1l47bo07lsc0

Have been trying to add the same code, but does not work.


Does anybody have any ideas how I can achieve this?


Thanks in anticipation.




I will post the code here if anybody is interested.

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Hi there.


I took the advice in your post and added the Add New Product fields contribution.

I added it as a RRP field, and it seems to be okay so far.


I've been trying to find how to disable the RRP: £ field to not display when there is no RRP inserted in the admin section.

You can see what I've done so far at www.drumcentral.co.uk.

If you look at single product you can see where I've put it.


I've also been trying to shift the RRP field up in the edit/add new product page in admin, so it's beside the other price fields.

Should I be looking at the mysql database?


I managed to get the field to display in the product listing page: http://www.drumcentral.co.uk///accessories...-c-318_460.html


The site is fairly heavily modded, so it was hard work putting all the new code in!


Any help would be great!




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