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New Auctions V3 Contribution - Preview

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Hi All,


Just wanted to offer a sneak peak to those interested of the new Auctions V3 Contribution. I've spent the last 6 months almost completely re-coding this contribution. There were a million problems with the last v2.1 contrib - all are fixed. I've been testing this live over the past few weeks and have fixed all reported problems.


New features include:


Proxy Bids!!!!

Customer Feedback Console

Live feedback displayed on auction page including thumbs up, down etc.

User bidding History,

Finished Auction History


Revamped "My account" page with users bidding info;

Bid Que

Up-Bid Table (Automatic Up-Bid increase)

Automatic Out-bid notification

Revamped Bid List

+ Many More.


check it out @ crazystu.com.au


New release will not be available for some time as I've got to separate the program logic from my page design. Any help with this would be appreciated. Private msg me if interested.



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