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lee the bean

PayPal IPN Module v1.1

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There are many known issues around PayPal IPN order processing.


My store probably experiences an equal number of:


1. 'customer fails to pay at PayPal' orders (ie. changed mind etc) and leaving the order in the database to be deleted/cancelled, as

2. customer fails to return to checkout_process.php after payment and thus not completing the order processing (sending the order confirmation email, updating the stock database, updating best sellers etc).


I prefer the logic of the v1.1 module as I would rather not do the order processing until payment has been completed, however this can leave the customer without an order confirmation email, and me without accurate stock figures for reasons outside my control (the known issues).


Does anyone know of a utility that could be run to manually complete the order processing on the order (sending customer email, stock updating) once the PayPal account has been checked for successful payment?


Many thanks



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