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internal server error

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I have no idea what is wrong with the installation. I can not get it work. When I check the callback_processor.php here what I get:





and here is the callback.log


Sun Jul 26 23:43:52 EDT 2009 :- cba cart obj -> object(shoppingCartAmazon)#14 (5) {




array(0) {











Sun Jul 26 23:43:52 EDT 2009 :- Calculating tax for 0 item/items




Sun Jul 26 23:43:56 EDT 2009 :- International -> 1


Sun Jul 26 23:43:56 EDT 2009 :- Got shipping amount from upsxml standard override MODULE_SHIPPING_UPSXML_SERVICE_CODE_US_ORIGIN_03 -> array(1) {


array(3) {


string(21) "United Parcel Service"


string(224) "111210: The requested service is unavailable between the selected locations.<br>If you prefer to use UPS as your shipping method, please contact JNL Trading Inc. via <a href="mailto:jnlelectronic@gmail.com"><u>Email</U></a>."


string(135) "<img src="images/icons/shipping_ups.gif" border="0" alt="United Parcel Service" title=" United Parcel Service " width="20" height="13">"





Sun Jul 26 23:43:56 EDT 2009 :- Shipping Carrier and Shipping Override are None. Please change in Checkout by Amazon 2.0 Payment module


Sun Jul 26 23:43:56 EDT 2009 :- order-calculations-response=<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<OrderCalculationsResponse xmlns="http://payments.amazon.com/checkout/2008-11-30/">










Please help


Thank you,

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