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USPS module not saving settings

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Yesterday we transferred our server from one computer to another. Everything works after the transfer except for the USPS module. The fields within the module settings seem to go away after updating them. The values of some fields are replaced with the word "Array" and all checkboxes are cleared out as well. I assume this is a database access issue, any ideas on how to fix it?


Thank you.


PS: Orders can still be placed using the usps backup module and all customer information, item information is saved as normal.

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I have managed to fix it at least temporarily. I had to go into MySQL and re-upload the 'configuration' table. This allows for the USPS module to work with given settings. If I go in and edit the module via OSCommerce Admin the 'configuration' table gets corrupted again and I have to re-up it. This one module seems to be the only issue and nothing at all was changed to the coding. I will keep searching through it to try and figure it out. If anyone else has had similar issues or know how to fix it in a more permanent manner please notify me.



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