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"continue" button after checkout gives 404 error - not found

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I am testing my cart with the Paypal sandbox. I submit a purchase and it is accepted and approved. when I get back the thank you screen with the continue button on the page to return from the checkout and back to the main store page. I press the "continue" button and get a 404 error - not found screen.

this information is in the address bar:



I don't understand the "action=" information and don't know how to solve this problem to determine where the error lies. does anyone have a technique to help me solve this problem

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I didn't understood on what page you get the error, when pressing "continue" on


- checkout_confirmation.php or

-checkout_success.php ?


I am on the "checkout_success.php" page and the actual code in the address bar on the page is:



when I get the 404 error page, the contents of the address bar on that page is:



I am trying to figure out how to set the "continue" button to storefront page.

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