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MultiGeoZone MultiTable Shipping trouble in RC2.2

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I've been using MultiGeoZone MultiTable Shipping for a couple years on MS2.2 without any trouble.


Yesterday, I decided to upgrade the site to RC2.2 but after the upgrade, MZMT does not show up in the checkout_shipping anymore. I tried to install other shipping modules and they all work fine. I also tried removing MZMT and reinstall it but it still does not show.


I'm just wondering if anyone also had this problem. Is there any solution?

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I'm experiencing the same problem with this contribution (our OsCommerce version is RC2.2 as well): although installed as per instructions and looking ok in the admin, it doesn't show up at checkout. The built-in shipping modules Flat Rate, Table Rate and Zone Rates seem to work fine.

We need to split some countries into zones where each zone is made up of one or more counties.


Any suggestions, please? Is there another module that we can use to achieve the same thing and that has been tested with RC2.2?


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