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Coupon doesn't show

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I hate to post a "just doesn't work" post, but here it is.


The isntallation worked great, in admin everything shows up. But on a test, no coupon shows up in the sub-totals.


I went through all the troubleshooting things and it passes. I checked my database and the tables are in there. I double-checked all including code and it's all there.


I entered in one Cupon in admin, and it's all there. My exclusions are minimal, everyone can access the coupon.


I then login as a customer, get an item, and checkout, the payment page asks for a coupon code, I put it in ("467"). I hit continue, and the confirmation page looks just like it always does. No coupon applied. I hit F5 at this point (per some suggestions), and nope, no coupon applied. I set DEBUG to true in admin, logged out, and logged in. Checked out, got the same thing. No debug info was written.


I have no other addons put on.


I'm stumped. What else could it be?

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