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Help wanted: Can not get my Cronopay to work

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I have tried everything to get it work with the payment solution, i have account with cronopay but it will not work to integrate with my shop, I must get the shop to work before my deadline.

I would be very happy if somebody can tell me in an easy way.


This is the shopping chart and it works:



But when I come to payment it only stands this:

005268-0001-0001 sign : not correct



Kind regards/


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There is also one more setting which depends on the currency that your payment card processor make the paymnets. Usualy what you wanted when signing up to Chronopay. In my case it was EUR. You should also find 'USD' twice in includes/modules/payments/chronopay and set it to EUR if your transactions will be made in EUR of course.


If you don't do this, the module only works if you have USD also enabled as currency BUT NOTE, it also grabs price in USD and not EUR !!!



I have modify the module to have a cool HTML emails for order confirmations ... If there is any interest I can post it in contribution section or email it ...


It works for me ;)




Have fun

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