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2Checkout problems

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I have installed the module “2Checkout” from here.....http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5343

It is given me some these critical problems,


1. Not Appearing Item Names in the invoice ( Only Showing Invoice: 20090627080053 )

2. It adding some Percentage of amount in the total of the invoice

3. It is converting in “USD” Currency only not converting an Other Currency


Somebody can help me to solve these problems……… Regards

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Your problems

1. I think this is because your setting with 2Checkout is set to aggregate - otherwise you have to pre populate 2co with your products for an itemized listing which can be problematic.

2.No idea why a percentage is added.

3.If your currency is set to US $ as default with your 2Checkout account then even if you have multiple currencies available on your site and your customer has selected another currency on your site 2co either convert it back to US dollars and then the customer can click to convert the currency to their own on 2Checkout site. Otherwise I think 2Checkout also use Geo IP and automatically convert to the customers location currency.They always do this by taking your default currency i.e $ and then applying their own rates which will probably be different to yours.

Whichever method is used it is unlikely to match your websites exchange rate and could lead to problems as the customer checks out with you expecting to pay a certain amount and it changes on 2Checkouts site.

The only way around this appears to be to have several 2Checkout accounts in different currencies and make sure that if your customer chooses for example Euros they are sent to your 2Checkout account that has Euros as the default currency,or only use one currency on your website.

They are the only options I can figure out at the moment unfortunately.

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