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I need some help.


You say "ImageMagick must also be installed for automatic resizing of images"


But where can i find that.

I had imagemagick in my running 2.2 store but i dont know where i got it from :blush:


Can you help me out?


If you need server details let me know.


Best regards,




Your hosting company will most likely have it already installed and available (ask them for the path). If not installed, SP attempts to use linux "gd" for resizing, but the results are not as good. If your hosting company does not provide it, you will need to host your site where ImageMagick is installed and you know the path to it.


If you self host, then do "yum info imagemagick" "yum install ImageMagick" or whatever means of installing it. If you use Windows then it's available at Sourceforge.net

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Hello folks,


SP 1.5 has been released and found here:




New Feature:


+ option to create a search engine friendly XML sitemap of products and categories.


This feature will build a sitemap for all categories, specials, products and new products.

The full map can be published in your store's root and then inform google via your webmaster account.


For best results, reduce the content of this file to about 20 of your most popular products.




Delete Routine: Check if image is shared by any other product before deletion.

Minor tweaks.

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Important Bug fix:


If manufacturers attribute is uninstalled in admin and then reinstalled, application fails to query new manufacturer's id/code from osc_templates_boxes and as a result cannot retrieve or incorrectly updates product's manufacturer ID on import and export.


In this case, product listings "by manufacturer" returns empty in the catalog.



Edited by jalung

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