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Shane Harrrison


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Hi All.


I'm trying to enable the googlebase contribution for url_rewrite & nemmit_sef html tags


I've been enable to add the main url name with the title name and html tag at the end, but I'm really struggling with the inputting

with in the title name.


The google base contribution I'm using is googlebase 1 2 1, I think.


Below is how the googlebase contribution is now delivering the link, but what is required is



http://www.ourwebsite.co.uk/product/a very small product.html


would need for the correct link:



So far section of the coding I have changed are:


Line: 113*

  $productURL = 'product_info.php'; 
  $productParam = "products_id=";   
$htmltagrj = '.html';
$urlProducthtml = HTTP_SERVER.'/product/';
  $productURL = HTTP_SERVER.'/product/';


line 147:


SELECT concat( '" . $productURL . "' ,products.products_id) AS product_url,
products_model AS prodModel, 
products_weight AS weight,
products_description.products_head_title_tag AS ean,
products_description.products_head_keywords_tag AS ckeywords, 
manufacturers.manufacturers_name AS mfgName,
products.products_id AS id,
products_description.products_name AS name,
products_description.products_description AS description,
products.products_quantity AS quantity,
products.products_status AS prodStatus,
FORMAT( IFNULL(specials.specials_new_products_price, products.products_price) * " . $taxCalc . ",2) AS price,
CONCAT( '" . $imageURL . "' ,products.products_image) AS image_url,
products_to_categories.categories_id AS prodCatID,
categories.parent_id AS catParentID,
categories_description.categories_name AS catName
FROM (categories,


line 248:

$output = "link\ttitle\tdescription\texpiration_date\tprice\timage_link\tgenre\tid\tC:keywords\tean\tweight";



line 329:

$output .=  $urlProducthtml . $row->name . ".html" . "\t"  .  
	preg_replace($_strip_search, $_strip_replace, strip_tags( strtr($row->name, $_cleaner_array) ) ) . "\t" .
	preg_replace($_strip_search, $_strip_replace, strip_tags( strtr($row->description, $_cleaner_array) ) ) . "\t" .
	$feed_exp_date . "\t" .
	$row->price . "\t" .
	$row->image_url . "\t" .
	$catIndex[$row->prodCatID] . "\t" .
	$row->id . "\t" .
	preg_replace($_strip_search, $_strip_replace, strip_tags( strtr($row->mfgName, $_cleaner_array) ) ) . "\t" .
	$row->ean . "\t"  .
	$row->weight . $WeightUnit;


If you need to see the entire code please drop me a PM. Any help would be much appreciated.


Regards. Shane.

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