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Product Attributes Add-On Needed

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I am setting up another osCommerce site and I need the following capability:


I need to get a new set of options based on the first option selected.


For example, the website allows you to purchase artwork to be displayed on a variety of products. The customer should be able to shop by category to choose the artwork of their choice. That artwork has a base price. Then, the customer may choose a product for the artwork to be placed on. That product will have an additional price. All of that can be done, but here is the problem... if a user selects a coffe mug, there are no additional options. However, if the user chooses a T-Shirt, a size would need to be selected. In addition, some products may have custom writing, so that needs to be an option on certain items.


Help! Please! I have been looking through all of the add-ons and find nothing that supports separate sets of options based on the first option selected.

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